Getting through the wet and cold seasons without catching a cold is a dream for many. Unfortunately, we still have to take a cold medicine very often to combat coughs, runny nose and hoarseness. In this article you will find out which cold medicine you can take for which ailments and what they are good for.

How does a cold develop?

A cold, also known as a flu-like infection, is caused by virus. Due to the cold in winter or excessive temperature differences, the Mucous membranes the human body has poor blood circulation. This creates an increased susceptibility for viruses. If the body is susceptible to viruses or if they are new and unknown to the body, it has not yet developed antibodies against the common cold. Cold viruses spread through droplet. Coughing or sniffing causes droplets to reach surfaces and are transferred to the next person when they are touched. In public spaces such as a waiting room, the handrail in the subway or in the supermarket, it unfortunately happens very quickly that cold viruses spread to other people.

What happens inside our body?

Even if we feel sick and exhausted all over our body, it is ours respiratory tractthat are infected or through which the viruses enter our body. Dirt, dust particles and pathogens enter our body through the respiratory tract. Usually protects the mucous membrane with the the body's own cleansing system us from the fact that attackers can get into the body. Wave-like movements of the cells in the mucous membranes absorb intruders back towards the throat. Either the intruder is coughed up or swallowed and excreted through the gastrointestinal tract. The so-called cilia and goblet cells are very important for the Protective layer of our respiratory tract. These glands and cells are responsible for the production of mucus and the Removal of the viruses works properly.

How do dry coughs, nasal congestion and sore throats develop?

Actually, the body has created an ingenious miracle here: If foreign bodies such as dust or pathogens get into the windpipe, a reflex is triggered that immediately causes a cough to throw them out of the body. If the mucous membranes are irritated as part of a cold, it can also dry cough come, which actually has no function. On the contrary, it damages the mucous membranes because it is "unproductive". Unfortunately, cold viruses often cause inflammation in the bronchi, so inevitably a cough arises. If you have a dry cough, it will not be enough secretion formed so that the viruses can be coughed up. Therefore, the cough is dry and very painful.

After two to three days, the dry cough is usually associated with a cold with the "productive cough“Replaced. This means that secretion is now formed, which can also be coughed up. The cold viruses are coughed out of the body. This cough is not meant to be suppressed. For the cure it is important that the secretion is coughed up.

As part of this process in the airways, not only the throat is usually stressed. The airways have direct access or a connection to the nose and ears. Since these are interconnected, it stands to reason that cold viruses can also infect the nose, cause sore throats or, secondarily, even cause otitis media.

What helps against a runny nose?

If the runny nose is very stuck, you should distinguish whether a runny nose occurred as part of the common cold or an allergy with hay fever. If you have a cold, the runny nose usually subsides after a week. During this time you can use a cold remedy for runny nose such as nasal spray or Home remedies for a runny nose such as salt or chamomile flowers relieve the symptoms. Home remedies for colds, which especially clear the nose, are chicken soup, saline solutions for a nasal rinse or a hot bath. These help to loosen the secretion in the nasal cavities and open the airways. at hay fever is a daily nasal douche with 0,9% saline solution from the pharmacy recommended. This process is said to alleviate symptoms by up to 20%.

The best cold remedies

Colds usually go away on their own after one to two weeks at the most. As long as the cause of the cold is not bacterial, treatment with antibiotics does not make sense either, since antibiotics only work in the case of bacterial flu. Nonetheless, symptoms such as a stuffy nose or sore throat associated with a viral cold can be alleviated. In the following sections you will find out under the respective rubrics which remedies are recommended for colds and some tips on the respective complaints.

Cold medicine without a prescription

The symptoms of a cold often come in the middle of everyday life when it is least convenient for us. So it is very obvious that you can then quickly jump to the pharmacy without having to first visit your family doctor and receive a cold medicine. Here are a few prescription-free cold remedies that you can get at the pharmacy for the following ailments:

  • For a stuffy nose: nasal spray to reduce swelling of the nasal mucosa and for colds (price up to 5 euros).
  • Headache and / or fever: Paracetamol relieves mild to severe pain and lowers fever (price up to 3 euros). Iboprofen 400 has the same effect (price approx. 5 euros).
  • Cold remedies such as combination preparations for body aches, fever, runny nose and dry cough: Grippostad C Hard capsules (Price around 10 euros). Aspirin Plus C is an effervescent tablet that is used for cold pains, headaches and fever (price also around 10 euros). Aspirin Complex sachets with granules are used for the symptomatic treatment of swelling of the mucous membranes of the nose and sinuses, as well as colds and fever (price for 10 pieces approx. 6 euros).
  • Headache: thomapyrin intensive tablets are recommended for acute to moderately severe tension headaches and migraines (price for 20 pieces approx. 5 euros).

You can use these cold remedies without a prescription in the context of a cold. You should pay attention to the intervals between the intake of the painkillers. In addition, possible interactions can occur. Please always read the instruction leaflet.

Cold medicine with ephedrine

The Active ingredient ephedrine is often used in cold remedies. Cold remedies with ephedrine swell the mucous membranes in the nose. Ephedrine is usually used in conjunction with other cold preparations as a combination preparation. The drug then has active pain relievers such as Ibuprofenin order to offer the "all-round package" against the symptoms during the cold.

Cold medicines containing ephedrine are only allowed for a short time limited period be taken as the body gets used to the active ingredient and its effectiveness decreases.

Cold medicine homeopathy

Even if the subject of homeopathy is very controversial, homeopathic cold remedies can be the gentle help for many ailments. Here are some homeopathic cold remedies that gently ease symptoms and are available without a prescription under "Cold remedies pharmacy":

  • Meditonsin drops for acute inflammation of the throat, nose and throat (price for 35 g to 10 euros). Meditonsin globules have the same effect (price for 8 g to 10 euros).
  • Viburcol N suppositories are used for illness-related restlessness in infants and toddlers in the context of a cold (price for 12 suppositories approx. 8 euros).
  • Infludoron stray beads are recommended as cold remedies for flu-like infections and feverish colds (price for 10 g about 10 euros).
  • otovovs should bring improvement in otitis media and runny nose (price for 30 ml approx. 14 euros).

Cold medicine dm

In the dm you can buy cold medicine permanently and very cheaply. Nasal spray or cough syrup from the dm can enrich your medicine cabinet cheaply or provide quick help when strolling through town. Here are some helpful "cold remedies" that you may find helpful:

  • The Cold balm from "Klosterfrau" promotes blood circulation and works through the airways. The bronchial mucous membrane is calmed and the expectoration of mucus is encouraged. The balm is rubbed onto the neck, chest and back areas. (Price for 20 g: € 2,95)
  • Anginosan throat tablets from "tetesept" relieve sore throats effectively and quickly. These are very well tolerated, especially in the case of acute irritation. (Price for 20 pieces: 2,65 €)
  • Propolis throat tablets from "Zirkulin" relieve painful sores in the throat and difficulty swallowing. The active ingredient propolis soothes the throat and throat and has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the mucous membranes are moistened. (Price for 30 pieces: € 4,25)
  • Sea water nasal spray from "THE healthy PLUS" frees the nose and provides the necessary moisture. The natural sea salt it contains also supports the regeneration of the mucous membranes. (Price for 20 ml: 1,45 €)

You can buy cold medicine dm very cheaply online or on site at the dm.

Cold medicine Wick

In 2017, Wick was crowned a brand for the 17th time by consumers Colds most trust. In the “cough and cold remedies” category in particular, Wick enjoys the highest level of consumer trust. The motto is: active days and restful nights - despite having a cold. The following cold remedies Wick offer efficient help in the event of ailments caused by a cold:

Wick VapoRub cold ointment: The proven cold ointment with 4-fold effect helps against coughs and runny nose.

Cold remedy Wick Sulagil throat spray: The throat spray works in seconds with precise sore throat.

Wick MediNait cold syrup for the night: The cold syrup alleviates 6 cold symptoms overnight.

Wick DAYMED cold capsules for the day: The capsules for the day solve 6 cold symptoms, including a dry cough.

Cold medicine Wick DAYMED Combination cold drink against cold symptoms: Relieves 6 cold symptoms spread over the day, including mucous cough.

Herbal cold remedies

The most common herbal cold remedies include:

GeloMyrthol forte capsules: The cold remedy with the high-dose herbal active ingredient ELOM-080 it contains relieves colds, sinusitis, bronchitis and coughs. GeloMyrthol is made exclusively from plants. The essential oils it contains clear the airways and soothe inflammation.

Sinupret: The herbal cold remedy provides a five-fold complex of medicinal plants in the form of tablets, juice or drops, which have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and expectorant effects. Especially with sinus infections, cowslip, yellow gentian, black holunger, dock and verbena are very effective. The nasal mucous membranes can recover, so the pressure headache subsides as soon as the sinuses are opened.

Bronchipret: The cold medicine Bronchipret is also available as juice, drops, lozenges and in the form of film-coated tablets. The thyme, ivy or primrose extract it contains has an anti-inflammatory effect, especially in the respiratory tract, and loosens the mucus. Bronchipret helps with cough and bronchitis.

Cold medicine baby

Even if every flu and every infection strengthens the immune system of your baby - you feel very sorry for a sick toddler who cannot express himself. In general, you should continue to breastfeed your baby even if you have a cold if you have previously breastfed him. In addition, you can offer him boiled water, optionally with a squeezed lemon. fennel is also particularly suitable for this. This allows the mucous membranes to regenerate. Your baby is likely to feel very queasy during a cold because it will be difficult for them to breathe. You can make it easier for him to breathe if you blow his nose frequently with a nasal aspirator. You can clean the nostrils with a nourishing ointment (e.g. bepanthen Put on eye and nasal ointment 10 g). Breast milk or Nasal drops with saline solution you can use a pipette to gently drip into one nostril. This has a decongestant effect and moisturizes the nasal passages. To keep the mucous membranes from drying out, you should use the humidity Pay attention in the nursery. To increase this, you can hang the fresh laundry in the nursery or use a humidifier.

Cold medicine children

Children often get sick several times during the cold season. In fact, cold remedies are most often prescribed for children up to the age of twelve. The one included for cold medicine children Active ingredient noscapine is used the most. This comes in Cough suppressants before, should as particularly compatible apply and is intended to prevent side effects such as headaches and dizziness.

If the child sniffs it is important to have one nasal spray Use briefly to prevent otitis media. Furthermore, should never be a Cough suppressants at the same time with one Cough remover be taken. Cough suppressants should also only be given if the child has trouble sleeping and the cough is very dry.

Cold medicine pregnant women

A cold is not tragic during pregnancy. However, as a mom-to-be, there are a few things you should keep in mind so that you don't harm your unborn baby. You should never take medication without first consulting your doctor or midwife. So better take it Home remedies for a runny nose like a foot bath or a nasal rinse with saline solution. Home remedies for coughs are especially sage tea, warm potato wraps and warm milk with honey, natural cold remedies that can be safely used during pregnancy.

You can use it in moderation and only as needed if you are in pain up to the 30th week of pregnancy iboprofen take throughout pregnancy Paracetamol.

Cold medicine experiences

Patients often say that combination preparations cannot help in a targeted manner, as they are supposed to cover too many complaints at the same time (1). Opinions speak of taking targeted medication for a specific cold symptom to see immediate improvements. Here are some cold medicine experiences for you

GeloMyrthol is a cold remedy that is supposed to clear the airways and is particularly effective in helping with bronchitis.

Cold medicine test

A cold medicine test showed that the Combination preparations like Grippostad C or aspirin complex are less suitable for a cold (2). Stiftung Warentest explains the decision quite simply with the course of a cold: the symptoms appear one after the other. Treating individual complaints using the “watering can principle” would therefore not be necessary. In the case of a cold, for example, just one remedy for a cold and not one for a sore throat at the same time would be much more efficient and targeted.

Every cold is different. Due to the versatility of the cold virus, it is important that a personal cold medicine test is done. If you have several symptoms at the same time, or if a certain preparation has worked well for you in the past, you can of course continue to take it.

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