Today's society is characterized by stress, mild anxiety or emotional tension. The work demands more and more people should work almost like machines, error-free, quickly and always effectively. This naturally leaves traces and in the short or long term stresses the human soul and body. Headaches, insomnia and muscle tension are other consequences that are becoming increasingly common in people. The drug Lasea is supposed to help.

Stress and tension

For most, these symptoms have become part of everyday life, but they can be treated easily and without much effort. Who at sleep disorders, Stress, mental Imbalances or possible anxiety Do not want to immediately resort to high-dose tranquilizers or sleeping pills or to any chemical medicinal products, nowadays you have the option of consuming purely herbal and naturally produced means of modern medicine. Lasea - that's the name of one of the brands whose medicine was specially developed for stressed and tense people.

1 Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... *
  • For restlessness, anxiety and the resulting sleep disorders ...
  • Lasea is a herbal medicine that contains a special oil made from ...
  • The soft capsules are pleasant and easy to swallow & only have to ...
2 Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... *
  • For restlessness, anxiety and the resulting sleep disorders ...
  • Lasea is a herbal medicine that contains a special oil made from ...
  • The soft capsules are pleasant and easy to swallow & only have to ...
3 Lasea 112 st Lasea 112 St *
  • VALUE SET: 2 packs of 56 soft capsules
  • Lasea - against inner unrest
  • Purely vegetable. Does not become addictive or tired during the day.


Mainly consist Lasea soft capsules made from lavender oil, which acts as a natural sedative in the lavender oil capsules.
Other ingredients, but only in tiny amounts in the Lasea tablets occur are

  • refined rapeseed oil,
  • Carminic acid,
  • glycerol 85%,
  • Gelatin polysuccinate,
  • sorbitol,
  • Aluminum salt (E 120 and E 131),
  • Patent blue V and
  • Titanium dioxide (E 171).

All these substances together lead to a calming effect, which restore the necessary relaxation and serenity in everyday life.

The main ingredient is lavender

The lavender is derived from the Latin word "lavare", which means "to wash" and refers to the use of lavender in bath oils. The variety of Lavender species, the ingredients of which have a different spectrum of activity, are used in a wide variety of areas of life.

Many different properties, often used in medicine, such as "calming" and "sleep-promoting" are ascribed to the lavender scent itself. That's why the Lavender flower mainly for sedatives or sleeping pills used. However, the purple glowing plant is also used in cosmetics and for culinary occasions. So you shouldn't be surprised if you are served a salad with lavender vinegar or a lavender ice cream parfait.

The lavender is suitable because of the calming effect perfect for the Lasea soft capsules and fully fulfills its task, namely to give people a more relaxed and relaxed feeling. the Lasea lavender oil capsules are made from the so-called medicinal lavender, which is said to have particularly positive and powerful effects.

Areas of application and effect (Lasea Test)

Due to the calming effect of the lavender in the tablets the Lasea ingestion is when occurring Restlessness and anxiety, as mentioned earlier, is recommended.
The body, which constantly suffers from stressful and pressure situations, brings its messenger substances in the brain, more precisely its transmitters, out of balance. Since these transmitters are responsible for attentiveness and the ability to concentrate, anxiety and concentration disorders often occur.

The Messenger substancesthat at the Stimulus transmission are necessary, are balanced again by the herbal active ingredient. Lasea strengthens the nervous system or has a positive effect on the stimulus filter function of the human nervous system. This reduces over-excitement and the body can completely recover and relax. Therefore, the Lasea Lavender also helps to remedy this if necessary Sleep rhythm disorders and muscular tension.

For people under the age of 18, the consumption of Lasea soft capsules * strictly forbidden, as there is not yet sufficient experience of the drug with regard to this age group.
Due to a lack of research, pregnant and breastfeeding women are also strictly discouraged from taking Lasea. In the event of allergic reactions to the lavender or other ingredients, it is recommended that you stop taking the drug immediately.

Lasea dosage

Not only a Lasea test confirmed the daily dose of one capsule, which corresponds approx. 80 mg lavender oil, recommended. To adjust the dosage of the Lasea ingestion To adapt to the person individually, a consultation with a doctor or pharmacist is recommended. Should you be on the one day Taking If you forget the capsule, based on Lasea experience **, taking twice the amount on the following day is not recommended, but rather the rhythm of one capsule a day should simply be maintained.

How often and for how long should you take Lasea?

The lavender oil capsules should be taken once a day with one liquid, preferably with pure water, and not lying down. In principle, there are no precise regulations on how long the drug can be used. Should however after 2 weeks of use no Effect occur or the symptoms worsen, please contact a doctor in your area.
At a long-term use of Lasea there is neither a risk of addiction nor a weakening of the effect.

Lasea onset of action

Owing to Lasea experiences ** becomes a quick one Onset of action confirmed. However, to a 100 percent Lasea onset of action To achieve this, you should initially take the tablets continuously for between two and five days.
The point in time at which the effect occurs cannot be generalized for all people.
Depending on the person, you will feel an improvement, in the best case, after 2 days to 2 weeks.

Lasea side effect in the Lasea test

As with almost any medical one drug You may experience mild symptoms that cannot be foreseen. Again, each person works and reacts differently to the medicine they take and compensates for the effects and side effects differently. The most common Nebenwirkungen by taking the Lasea soft capsules * are Nausea and Eructation.
However, other complaints such as diarrhea, Abdominal pain, or drowsiness occur.
According to Lasea experience ** forms of nausea often occur, especially if you take too many capsules per day. An exclusive ban on alcohol and milk drinking at a Overdose is constructively referenced, as this also includes the inclusion of the Lasea lavender propels and amplifies into the blood. No side effects are known to date for external use.

Lasea Price Comparison & Buy Lasea

This calming product can be bought online without a prescription or a doctor's prescription, but also in drugstores such as the "Lasea DM“To be acquired. In various online shops and pharmacies, 14 pieces can be purchased for an average of € 12 including shipping. The 28-piece packs are offered on the Internet from € 18.
A 56 piece pack is available on average around 30 € including shipping. in the Lasea price comparison are of course the local ones Pharmacies or the “DM” at the top of the ranking, because you can buy them there without shipping costs.

Lasea alternative

Since nowadays the demand for such drugs is very high, there are some Lasea alternatives. A preparation with often similar ingredients is for example "Laif 900 balance“, Which among the Experience reports ** is regularly given the best marks.
“Laif 900” contains the active ingredient St. John's Wort, which is supposed to work against mild depression and also mild forms of anxiety. Just like the Lasea capsules, “Laif 900” is also used for sleep disorders and restlessness.

There is no noticeable difference in price between the two products.
Furthermore, as Lasea alternative Products like "Odaban", "Paracetamol" and "Citalopram" are used.
They all also serve to reduction of agitation, anxiety and wakefulness.
Which tablets are the most effective and effective depends on the needs of the individual patient. It is not possible to give a general résumé for the whole.

Storage recommendations (Lasea experience, Lasea test)

Basically, the Lasea tablets dry and under 30C ° to keep. Likewise, care should be taken to ensure that the medication is used for Kinder and Youth are stored inaccessible.
If the Expiration date We strongly advise against taking or using the medication for any other purpose.
If you have any questions about Disposal options or storage locations, it is best to contact a personally trustworthy pharmacist.

Lasea packaging sizes

The Lasea product * is available in packs of 14, 28 or 56 soft capsules. When used for the first time, the pack will be the least Number of capsulesIt is recommended to buy 14 pieces in this case, as it is difficult to return an opened package in the event of possible allergic reactions or unwanted side effects.
Otherwise there is no real difference apart from that Number of tablets, it should be noted.
The drug is in different packaging sizes online and also available in various pharmacies.

Manufacture and manufacturer

The approved and herbal medicine Lasea is made from high-quality lavender, also called "Lavandula angustifolia" in Latin, in a complex process.
That lavender is beneficial to the Mental Health has been known for centuries. The doctor Dioscurides described this plant as early as 78 AD in his influential work “De materia medica”. Various tests have shown that motor activity is reduced, the periods of falling asleep are shortened and, as a result, the duration of sleep is lengthened by the lavender.
From then on, naturopaths advised people to drink lavender tea or take a lavender flower bath if they were suffering from insomnia.
The calming effect of the essential lavender oil is also often used as a room fragrance or as a massage oil. In the 12th century Hildegard von Bingen also used the active ingredients of lavender accordingly.
The origin of what we know today Lasea drug goes back to the pharmaceutical entrepreneur and manufacturer "Spitzner Arzneimittel" (company group Dr. Willmar Schwabe), who run their company in Ettlingen, a town in Baden-Württemberg (Germany).

Lasea experiences

Because of many different Customer reviews Lasea can basically be satisfied with positive reviews. Aspects that speak for the product are mainly the quick and good effect, the reasonable price and the few side effects. In addition, the product mainly consists of the purely plant-based Lavender medicinal oil. The natural drug is well tolerated by most consumers and there are no known interactions when it is taken with other preparations. Even with longer ones Ingestion intervals there is no risk of habit and therefore no loss of effectiveness or drug dependency. Taking the Lasea capsules is uncomplicated and can be practiced anywhere and is also independent of time. Because no matter whether before a meal or before going to bed, Lasea can be used almost anytime and anywhere reassurance be taken.

“I had been taking lasea for 1 year, then for about 3 months I stopped using lasea and switched to laif 900. The lasea haven't really worked for me since stopping 2 weeks ago didn't bother me at all, but the Lasea didn't really help without my rescue drops, I didn't go out, so the effect of the lasea is also a bit controversial I hope that I get better with the laif900, we've been taking it for one now Week and hope that the effect will be achieved, although I am more confident here, since there are studies on St. John's wort which is not the case with lasea, lavender, what a shame about the money. "(Lasea experiences on

"I've been suffering from anxiety and panic disorder for about 18 years ... I've tried chemical stuff and had bad side effects. I came across Lasea through the media about 2 years ago since then I have been taking it over and over again in longer phases and I have to say the best there is. I am hardly restless inside, have no more panic attacks and hardly any anxiety states. I had a heart attack 2 years ago at the age of 37, which made everything worse, but thanks to Lasea I can fall asleep very well and feel much more relaxed. "(Lasea reviews on
“I have been taking the capsules for well over six months and cannot report any negative side effects. I can confirm the desired effect of calming and dampening anxiety. I had severe problems falling asleep and Lasea has helped me deal with this problem very well. Good product, reasonable price. ”(Lasea test on

Lasea review, test and rating

In the meantime, countless people, especially in the German-Austrian region, have had experience ** in handling the Lasea capsules. Basically, the drug proved to be well tolerated, but side effects such as nausea and belching can also occur. The only negative one Ingredient is the aluminum salt that is suspected of being carcinogenic if taken for a long time due to the aluminum.

Lasea - a herbal product, which helps stressed and irritated people, regardless of age, to feel completely relieved and liberated mentally and physically.
The manufacturers of the Lasea product are convinced that at least a quarter of people go through an "anxious phase" at least once in their lives. Men are only affected half as often as women. Perhaps based on this knowledge, such a drug was developed to help those 25% of people who suffer from such conditions.

To Lasea experiences ** All you need is one capsule a day, which can be purchased easily and without a prescription and which is perfectly priced to match the performance, will have an extremely positive effect on your life in a few days.

Sources for Lasea experience & test

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1 Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... *
  • For restlessness, anxiety and the resulting sleep disorders ...
  • Lasea is a herbal medicine that contains a special oil made from ...
  • The soft capsules are pleasant and easy to swallow & only have to ...
2 Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... Lasea against inner restlessness and the resulting ... *
  • For restlessness, anxiety and the resulting sleep disorders ...
  • Lasea is a herbal medicine that contains a special oil made from ...
  • The soft capsules are pleasant and easy to swallow & only have to ...
3 Lasea 112 st Lasea 112 St *
  • VALUE SET: 2 packs of 56 soft capsules
  • Lasea - against inner unrest
  • Purely vegetable. Does not become addictive or tired during the day.