Stretch marks, cellulite, spider veins - many people suffer from this annoying "orange peel". What does this connective tissue weakness say? The tissue becomes weak, loses its shape and texture and can no longer fully fulfill its various tasks. At the latest when important body functions are no longer fully functional, we notice that a weak connective tissue is not just a cosmetic problem.

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3 Connective tissue weakness - treatment with... Connective tissue weakness - treatment with...*
  • Kopf, Robert (Author)

What is connective tissue weakness?

With increasing age, Hormonal changes of the body or Environmental influences the cell density in the tissue decreases. Dead or damaged cells become hard, causing rigidity and preventing elasticity. These connective tissue has many consequences:
Our body mass is made up of 60% connective tissue. These cells are made up of water, protein and fibers. Our muscles, vessels, organs, joints, bones and, last but not least, our skin are surrounded by these fibers. They help to hold the body together and stabilize it. Because of this excellent support system, a lot flows liquid through our body and is distributed wherever the connective tissue is represented. The water can be stored and transported here. Nutrients and oxygen reach our organs and revitalize the entire body. Furthermore, in the Connective tissue cells Defense and Inflammatory cells contain. These form a protective layer. It serves to protect our body from negative external influences and surrounds our organs internally with the necessary defense against pathogens. The energy store, which is located in the connective tissue layer, is also not entirely unimportant. We store and extract our energy in this layer of fat. A weak connective tissue can mean that the mentioned functions can no longer be fully or completely performed.

Connective tissue weakness causes

Each connective tissue has its causes. We usually only recognize the unsightly stripes on our skin when they can no longer be undone. At the time, we usually don't know what went wrong. A weak connective tissue can have several causes.

Here are the main causes of weak connective tissue:

Hormonal or physical changes

Most people just know that annoying cellulite occurs when you suddenly gain or lose weight. The skin cannot keep up with these extreme changes fast enough. She rips. The same phenomenon is the case with pregnant women. A fast growing belly requires elastic skin. Pregnant women complain about Stretch marks around the navel, hips, breasts and buttocks. Spider veins are not the only cause of spider veins during pregnancy. A hormonal change is often decisive here, so that women cannot protect themselves despite healthy, restrained eating behavior.

The hormonal change in these scenarios is mostly that Cause. The estrogen ensures strong, healthy connective tissue. The production of the Hormone starting, such as going through menopause, is a requirement for one connective tissue given. Menopausal women lose by losing the estrogen about 40% of the functional collagen in the Subcutaneous tissue. The support of a firm skin falls away and the skin shows itself Dents and unsightly folds. Young girls often suffer from cellulite as they may grow too quickly during puberty. The female body shape is initiated by the release of hormones. The female body arises in a rapid or dragging process. Especially in this growth phase, young women have a great appetite and may grow very quickly. Consequently, the skin can be such immense change not withstand.

Connective tissue diet

The wrong diet, especially one too acidic diet can become a Connective tissue weakness disease to lead. Acid is released to cells and waste materials to a healthy extent and neutralized there. However, if our body is acidic, the cells are forced to take excess unprocessed acid to store. Too much acid stored in our cells in turn means that they no longer function properly and can carry out their actual tasks. The latter also applies to our connective tissue. Too much weakens you in the long run acid unser connective tissue. Furthermore, a one-sided, unhealthy diet leads to obesity. If the body gains weight quickly, this promotes cracks or unsightly dents in the skin, as it cannot cope with a quick change.

Marfan's Syndrome

People who suffer from the genetic Marfan syndrome suffer from a weak connective tissue disease. A changed structure of the tissue, excessively long limbs, cardiovascular diseases and a narrow body lead to unstable body structures. Patients of the Marfan's Syndrome suffer from the connective tissue. Marfan syndrome can also affect a weak connective tissue of the face, especially a weak connective tissue of the eyes. Here the retina of the eye is affected by a weakness, so that it dissolves. A severe visual impairment up to blindness can be the result. One Connective tissue weakness in the eyes and connective tissue weakness face does not have to occur due to Marfan syndrome, but it is possible.


Certain drugs lead to over-acidification. In particular, the therapy of various diseases with Cortisone strongly acidifies the body. As above has a acidosis of the body connective tissue result.

How is connective tissue weakness expressed?

Who thinks that a Weakness of our tissuess only by one unsightly skin shows is wrong. In fact, this malfunction of our body can be recognized on the basis of many indications:

External symptoms of connective tissue weakness

Skin that is no longer properly supported by the connective tissue shows in these areas significant dents or cracks. The abdomen, legs, buttocks, breasts, and arms can be surrounded by unsupported skin. After the skin has been overstretched in these areas, it leaves cracks that are initially reddish to see. Over time, the skin calms down and only slightly bluish, pale streaks can be seen from the streaks. While these streaks are not dangerous, many sufferers suffer from stretch marks. Dissatisfaction with the body arises and leads to depression. Another visible feature is one Connective tissue weakness bruises. For example, spots on the abdomen in particular indicate a Connective tissue weakness in the intestine out.

Internal symptoms of connective tissue weakness

If there is an internal weakness of the connective tissue, this is already very advanced. Although the connective tissue is usually very stable and can withstand the strain, it starts to weaken at a certain point. Is this connective tissue weakened so much, it can lead to subsidence of the organs. These can no longer be held together in a stable manner and lose their support. A so-called hernia, which is a particularly severe form of the physical disorder describes can then arise. In a hernia, a part of the body protrudes from its original location and inevitably penetrates a foreign organ through a torn area. Here one speaks of one Connective tissue weakness disease. Not to be seen by an outsider, but with devastating consequences Connective tissue weakness in the eyes. Severe visual disturbances up to complete blindness can occur here.

How do you recognize a tissue weakness?

A slight weakness of the tissue is primarily due to the Skin surface in the form of cracks and dents to recognize. Mild symptoms are common and are not exactly a cause for concern and medical attention. Nevertheless, they should be registered and observed. Coming to the widespread streaks too varicose veins in addition, the clinical picture is to be taken more seriously. Should these become stronger or weak connective tissue eyes, you should definitely consult your family doctor. If there are internal dysfunctions such as those affecting the heart or lungs, patients are referred to a pulmonologist and cardiologist immediately. Here it can be seen whether these occur due to the weakness of the connective tissue or even that Marfan's Syndrome is present. In principle, you should first see your own family doctor. This usually recognizes an externally noticeable weakness of the Connective tissue and forwards the matter to the Specialist colleagues continue.
Unfortunately, weak connective tissue can also occur in children. Parents should take stretch marks seriously here and take their children to a doctor. A weak connective tissue in children often manifests itself through other symptoms. Long limbs and unstable joints indicate one Connective tissue weakness in children there. Frequent injuries and Connective tissue weakness bruises During sport and play, unsafe joints cause the child to suffer. The doctor will determine if this connective tissue weakness in children is caused by Marfan syndrome. If this is excluded, other serious diseases can be the cause. Physiotherapy, exercise, one dietary changes and many others Measures should be recommended to the child.

Connective tissue weakness consequences

Cellulite and orange peel

Im Clinical picture Cellulite is immediately recognizable and widespread. Due to the vertical fibers of a woman's tissue, growing fat cells can very easily press themselves to the surface of the skin. This creates below the top one Dermis a layer of fat that appears on the surface of the skin in the form of dents and orange peel. This is more difficult in men, in whom the fibers are built up in the form of a grid in the tissue. As a result, women suffer from orange peel and bulges more often.

Spider veins

Spider veins also occur as a result of a connective tissue on. This is due to sagging vein walls, the venous valves of which can no longer be opened and closed properly. The consequence of this weakness is a disturbed one blood circulation to the heart. The blood builds up in the vessels. Bluish veins, the so-called spider veins, become visible on the surface of the skin. A weak connective tissue in the face can also be revealed by highly visible veins.

varicose veins

An aggravation of the Spider veins are varicose veins. They occur when the congested blood in the vessels and veins is so badly congested that they swell. These Circulatory disorder is also a consequence of the weakness of the tissue and can cause the legs to harden and swell under certain circumstances. Often there is one here Connective tissue weakness bruises to see and makes legs look blotchy and unsightly.

uterine prolapse

Over the years, the uterus becomes less firm. As a result, it sinks and presses on the bladder. Older women often complain of an increased need to urinate. Unfortunately, the slack ligaments can cause a complete Bladder emptying often not done because the bladder passes through the uterus is blocked. Urine residues in the bladder are more likely to cause a bladder infection.

Hemorrhoid disease

A weak connective tissue in the intestine and in the lower pelvic floor unfortunately leads to hemorrhoids more often. The slack muscles and the lack of firmness are what make the intestinal connective tissue weak. As a result, protuberances in the intestine are not uncommon. These have an extremely uncomfortable and painful course and indicate a weak connective tissue in the intestine.

Treat and prevent connective tissue weakness

Occurring tissue weakness is, as mentioned above, not necessarily a disease, but is often caused by an improper diet and an unhealthy lifestyle. Taking some tips to heart and integrating them into everyday life can combat weak connective tissue, prevent unsightly cracks in the skin and weak connective tissue bruises:

A balanced diet

Less acidic foods keep the acid-base balance in balance and thus necessary processes in check. Too much meat should therefore be avoided. Nutritionally conscious should instead include fish on their diet on these days. Also legumes and low fat dairy products provide important vitamins and energy. There are no limits to a healthy and balanced nutrition plan with lots of vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C in particular provides our skin with excellent care. This is particularly found in citrus fruits, berries and cherries. Various nutrition guides and recipes help with this Combat connective tissue weakness with a balanced nutrition plan and can be consulted here.

Prevent weak connective tissue by drinking a lot

Experts recommend at least one and a half to two liters of water a day. Not without good reason, when you consider that strengthening connective tissue cannot be done more easily than waste products of the body with lots of water Metabolism flush out of the body. Transported away faster Cells make skin and organs firmer and more even. In addition, the water-tank replenished and renewed in the cells of our connective tissue. Constant movement of cells promotes active, healthy tissue.

Connective tissue weakness sport

30 minutes of sport a day should be included in the daily program for working people, housewives and mothers as well as for young people. This is not only conducive to a healthy lifestyle and helps Combat connective tissue weakness, but prevents many diseases. In order to achieve a strong connective tissue in particular, sports should be selected that include the circulation support financially. This does not necessarily mean high-performance sport. Light jogging, brisk Nordic walking or swimming are ideal for this.

Avoid or reduce obesity

Obesity puts a strain on it connective tissue so strong that it can no longer withstand it and wears out. Aiming for a normal weight is advisable here. At best, however, a crash diet should be avoided. These strict diets produce the yo-yo effect and are not recommended due to the strong weight fluctuations, as they do connective tissue additionally weaken.

Alternating showers

The sudden change between hot and cold water in the shower stimulates the blood circulation in our skin. Degradation products are actively guided out of the tissue. Overcoming the cold water is easier if the water jet is guided upwards from the feet. Over the calves to the knees and in the groin area. This procedure should be repeated three times with warm and then briefly cold water. Daily alternating showers support the cardiovascular system and also stabilize the blood circulation.


Plucking massages and light brushes in the shower rain as well circulation and thus the production of skin cells. Different Lotions, oils and creams can help with this. Especially during pregnancy, women can do a lot for the beauty of their own skin and fight weak connective tissue themselves. In the case of a weak connective tissue in the face, a gentle massage and regular application of cream can cause further cracks and unsightly visible veins prevent.

stop smoking

nicotine is also harmful to the connective tissue. It contributes to damage in the fibers of the tissue as it narrows and the veins circulation severely impaired. A connective tissue disease can be caused by stopping from persisting Nicotine use clearly delayed and held up. Patients who suffer from an established weakness of the connective tissue should take strong heed to quit smoking.

Connective tissue weakness tablets

Once the disease has been identified, you can Therapies also be started with connective tissue weakness tablets. The fight against the disease begins with great hope. If you take several measures to heart and integrate them into your everyday life, you can Connective tissue weakness tablets achieve a full effect in a supportive manner. These can be found over the counter in pharmacies and online for patients with mild external symptoms. If a disease is found, the doctor will take the necessary steps Connective tissue weakness tablets prescribe and others Measures initiate.

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  • for use according to homeopathic drug pictures
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3 Connective tissue weakness - treatment with... Connective tissue weakness - treatment with...*
  • Kopf, Robert (Author)