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Team & Mission

What is healthy for my body and my well-being?

we are a colorful team from former competitive athletes, ambitious amateur athletes, nutrition experts and beauty queens. The search for answers to the following questions brought us together: How do I eat properly? What nutrients does my body need? What supplements can I use to prevent cramps? And of course the most important question: What is healthy for my body and my well-being?
Traumatization in Children

Traumatization in Children - Signs and Therapy

If children or adolescents have stressful experiences, this can lead to long-term trauma. Even without obvious symptoms, it is important to offer support and conduct professional trauma therapy. Sensitive children in particular often have to struggle for a lifetime with post-traumatic stress disorders, which are becoming increasingly difficult to treat. In this post we would like to share with you the signs of trauma in children. We will also introduce you to various therapy methods that have proven to be effective in treating traumatized children.
Kids basketball

Basketball as a development for children

Basketball for children is becoming increasingly popular. However, this is hardly surprising, because with basketball children learn the feeling of solidarity and team spirit. In contrast to soccer, children’s basketball does not have to score goals, but rather throw baskets. The basketball players from the professional NBA league in the USA are a great role model for children. But the great idols from basketball are not the only reason why the sport should be actively practiced by children. But from what age should children start basketball training and what rules exist in mini basketball?
Unusual home accessories

Unusual home accessories: upgrade your interior

Whether in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bedroom or in the hallway, you can bring your home back to life with unusual home accessories. With an extraordinary living accessory you can underline your four walls and your personality and bring a breath of fresh air into your own home. Whether you rent an apartment, your own home or an apartment: upgrade your furnishings so that you feel completely at home again.