Hey my name is sara
It's nice that you are interested in a healthy, balanced life and stop by Modernbalance! A few brief things about me: As a native of Fischkopf, my life journey took me through several different cities and villages in Bavaria and Thuringia, only to end up in a small town in the Saxon Vogtland. I've always been interested in topics such as sport, nature and personal development. In addition to writing and blogging, photography and music have also been my hobbies for a long time. I have been happily married since 2014 and in August 2018 I completed my retraining to become an office management assistant. A few days later I started writing for Modernbalance.

More quality of life

Among other things, due to chronic pain due to a spinal disease, difficult living conditions and the resulting unfavorable life-work balance, at some point I came to the point of wanting to do more for my health. I finally wanted more of my life Quality I was helped by reading many books, researching healthy living and practically testing what is good for me. In addition, a change of profession, the support of friends, therapy, as well as regular relaxation and Meditation now more balanced lifestyle. In the last few years, a healthy and animal-free diet has become more and more important to me. I have largely reduced the consumption of animal products, I am not yet “full-time vegan”, but I do not rule it out for the future. 🙂

At Modernbalance I mainly write about healthy sleep and give you effective tips coping with stress and Relaxation at hand.