Time is short and everyday life is just as stressful. No wonder that sleep problems are appearing more and more frequently in this country and that middle-aged people also suffer from nervous moods. Lying in bed in the evening and not being able to fall asleep is just as harmful as suffering from nervous restlessness during the day. In their chemical form, sleeping pills - or sedatives - are only the last step in treatment. Because in addition to researching the cause, purely herbal preparations can also provide a remedy for these uncomfortable symptoms. Valeriparan is one of these herbal Medium and is manufactured by Pfizer. There are two different versions of this product: Valeriparan for calming down * and Valeriparan strong for the night *. The manufacturer's advertising messages sound promising, for example should Valeriparan strong for the night help with insomnia and normalize sleep naturally. In the end, everyone has to judge for themselves whether this is true, since herbal remedies do not have a XNUMX% hit rate, but valeriparan can be very successful. How the effect is, which ingredients should help and how ours Valeriparan experiences ** are we show you in our large Valeriparan test.

How do you get nervous restlessness or sleep disorders?

A new DAK report has shown that more and more people sleep poorly and suffer from insomnia. With the title "Tired Germany“Is presented here as a result that around 80% of the workforce in Germany is under sleep problems To suffer. According to this, the number of problem cases among employed people between 2010 and 35 has risen by around 65% since 66. Very few, however, seek medical treatment. There is also the problem that untreated sleep disorders can make you more prone to psychological problems during the day. So if you suffer from very strenuous and annoying sleep problems, I recommend going to the doctor at this point. About half of the people reach for one Sleep pills without a prescriptionwhich is a very high proportion of self-medication.

1 Baldriparan® Strong for the night - ... Baldriparan® Strong for the night -... *
  • BALDRIPARAN STRONG FOR THE NIGHT - restful sleep for a...
  • WITH HIGH DOSAGE OF VALERIAN - Baldriparan Strong for the night acts...
2 Valeriparan Strong for the night Baldriparan Strong for the night*
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3 Valeriparan Strong for the night Baldriparan Strong for the night*
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Basically it is so that with light Difficulty falling asleep pflanzlich to Self-medication one way is to test it with no side effects. However, if there is no improvement in the sleep disorders or if they are particularly severe, the should Doctor to be visited.

Disruptive factors

  • Light and noise: As sources of interference, these impair natural sleep, which makes it more restless
  • Stress and restlessness: Cortisol is released and the body is disturbed even when it is resting
  • TV
  • Smartphone what's next to the bed
  • Alcohol
  • Essen what is particularly difficult and unhealthy
  • Sports which is often neglected

Generally the pressure to perform also increased, which can lead to restlessness. If you are strong nervous conditions and these are permanent, a doctor should definitely be consulted. If the nervous conditions are over, for example during an examination phase or during a strenuous project week and then again, herbal remedies can help. Baldriparan is one of the means that will be discussed in more detail below. I am therefore reporting on Valeriparan ingredients, valeriparan experiences ** and do the Valeriparan test.

What is valeriparan?

Valeriparan is a herbal product from Pfizer that is available in two different versions. For one, there is Valeriparan Strong for the nightt *, which is supposed to help with sleep disorders and is based on valerian extracts. The second product is Valeriparan for calming down *which should help with inner "restlessness and tension during the day". Like the first product, the latter also contains purely herbal ingredients and is based on the ingredients Valerian, lemon balm and hops.

Valeriparan effects & ingredients

The Valeriparan effect Both product versions are based on purely herbal ingredients. The following two chapters on the two product versions provide more detailed information.

Valeriparan Strong for the night effect

In Valeriparan Strong for the night is exclusive Valerian extract contain. A dragee contains 441,35 mg of valerian root dry extract, on which the entire effect is based. It also contains the following additives:

  • Indigo carmine (E 132)
  • Titanium dioxide (E 171)
  • Arabic gum
  • Calciumcarbonat
  • carnauba
  • bleached wax
  • fumed silica
  • Potassium dihydrogen phosphate
  • Macrogol 6000
  • Magnesium stearate
  • maltodextrin
  • microcrystalline cellulose
  • Povidone K 25
  • refined castor oil
  • shellac
  • Sucrose
  • talc

So valerian is the main ingredient that makes the drug work. However, this is nothing new, because even before Valeriparan Strong for the night Valerian was used for nervousness and insomnia. And not only that, valerian has long been used in the form of teas or tinctures for stomach cramps.

Compared to the version for the day, insomnia will be the Valeriparan active ingredient significantly higher dosed. It is important to note with the active ingredient that a sleep-promoting effect normally only occurs after about 14 days - but more details are given in the chapter on Valeriparan dosage discussed. Extracts of Valerian root is now also available in most supermarkets and is therefore a cheaper alternative, but more on that later. To the Valeriparan effect there are also a number of studies that confirm a positive effect.

Valeriparan for calming effect

Other ingredients are in Valeriparan for calming down contain. Because here the extract of the valerian root is dosed significantly lower, so that you are calmed down, but not immediately tired. That would be counterproductive. In Valeriparan for calming are only 95mg valerian extract included, about a fifth of the amount of the night version. In addition, however, are the two active ingredients Hop cones dry extract (15 mg) and Lemon balm leaves dry extract (85 mg) included. Melissa has a slightly frightening and calming effect. The pharmacy survey also reports that lemon balm has a similar effect to valerian and hops, but triggers other points of attack in the body. So a combination of the remedies contained in Valeriparan can be useful.

The latter is the hop cone extract. Everyone knows it from beer and is responsible for the slightly calming effect of the beer (in addition to the alcohol).

Valeriparan dosage

Valeriparan Strong for the night dosage

The Baldiparan Strong for the night dosage Take one coated tablet approximately 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. Anyone who suffers from severe sleep disorders can also take a first tablet in the early evening and then set the valeriparan dosage to a maximum of two tablets per day.

It is also important that you take the Valeriparan dosage Discuss this with a doctor, even if no interactions are known at first. It is important to note that only adults and children over 12 years of age take the valeriparan tablets. In addition, pregnant women should discuss possible intake with their doctor.

Valeriparan for calming dosage

The Valeriparan dosage for Valeriparan for calming is According to the manufacturer (Baldriparan package insert) for adults and children from 12 years of age to take two tablets whole with up to three times a day. The best thing is to swallow plenty of liquid (water) and swallow whole.

This also applies to pregnancy Valeriparan for calming dosage the same as above, namely the discussion with the doctor.

In both cases, however, in any case, in the event of persistent problems (over 2 weeks), the restlessness and sheep disturbances should be treated by a doctor.

Valeriparan experiences

Baldriparan is a product that has been on the market for some time, so there are already some people on various online platforms of theirs Valeriparan experiences ** and a Valeriparan Test *** to report. Below I have a few meaningful ones Valeriparan testimonials ** collected and listed by various users.

“Works well with difficulty falling asleep. But you have to take it for a few days until the desired effect is shown, or then it works really well. I can now fall asleep quickly and sleep better. ”(Baldriparan Stark for the night on medpex.de)

“I often had problems falling asleep early despite being tired or sometimes I couldn't sleep at all because of my inner restlessness. A pharmacist gave me the tip to take valeriparan about an hour before going to bed. I've slept better since then. To avoid getting used to it, I don't take valeriparan if I feel tired enough to fall asleep or if I don't have to get up early the next day. Baldriparan deserves a place in the medicine cabinet. ”(Baldriparan Stark for the night experience on medpex.de)

“I took baldriparan when I stopped smoking. During this time I was constantly restless and fidgety. Valeriparan worked quickly and worked well. As it is written on it, to calm down, perfect. "(Baldriparan for calming experiences on medpex.de)

Tips for sleep disorders

Despite or in addition to taking Valeriparan * a few things should be considered in the case of restlessness and sleep disorders. So an overall healthy lifestyle is essential in treatment. On the one hand, this includes a healthy diet with little Alcohol, Waiver intoxicant like nicotine (smoking) and consuming a lot Vegetables, fruits and fish.

In addition to the healthy diet However, timing is also important because many people are prone to poor sleep when the last meal of the day is close to bedtime.

In addition to that, there is a lot fresh air important, just like that Sports. If you do sports during the day - for example after work - you are physically busy, free in your head and can switch off and fall asleep much better. Even Cortisol is thereby degraded.

If these factors are taken into account, many minor problems can already be combated and improved.

Badriparan price

The Valeriparan price comparison shows that especially with the version Valeriparan for calming down * should be put on the largest pack. Because you need about 6 tablets a day and with the large pack you have a very small one Valeriparan price per tablet or per day.

With the version Baldriparan strong for the night price, the smaller pack can first be simply taken, this is then also sufficient for 2 weeks and you can see whether the desired effects are set. If so, you can take the big one right away. You can get the best Baldriparan price at the Baldriparan price comparison of the online pharmacies - these are usually much cheaper than the stationary pharmacies.

Buy Valeriparan

Buy Valeriparan * you can find it in all pharmacies stationary or at the online pharmacies DocMorris, shop pharmacy or at amazon. The baldriparan prices there are also significantly better than in the local pharmacy.

I wish you every success in dealing with your problems, I look forward to your feedback and your valeriparan experiences. If you have found the product at a good Baldriparan price, you are welcome to share your Baldriparan experiences in the comments.

Valeriparan alternatives

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Otherwise, too NEUREXANE worth a try in stressful situations.


Is there also Baldriparan Forte?

No, Valerian Forte does not exist as such. Anyone who intends to use a higher dose of valeriparan should discuss this with their doctor.

Is there also valeriparan in the supermarket?

No, it is not possible to buy Baldriparan Supermarket, the product is sold in (online) pharmacies.

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Sources for the valeripan test

1 Baldriparan® Strong for the night - ... Baldriparan® Strong for the night -... *
  • BALDRIPARAN STRONG FOR THE NIGHT - restful sleep for a...
  • WITH HIGH DOSAGE OF VALERIAN - Baldriparan Strong for the night acts...
2 Valeriparan Strong for the night Baldriparan Strong for the night*
  • Strong
  • filter bag
3 Valeriparan Strong for the night Baldriparan Strong for the night*
  • Strong
  • filter bag