When fighting colds, it is often enough to support the body's own immune defense and stimulate the self-healing powers. Infludoron can be the right medicine to help them get started. What is behind the homeopathic remedy and what it can do - Infludoron experiences ** from users reveal more.

What are Infludoron granules?

As part of a flu-like infection and with feverish colds Weleda globules are suitable for the whole family. Even babies are allowed to use them. A cold that breaks out can be prevented or alleviated with Infludoron. Existing symptoms can also be present in one that has already broken out cold be alleviated. So can fever, Exhaustion and Body aches can be alleviated by the combination of iron phosphate and selected plant preparations. Also the Self-healing powers are strengthened, whereby a speedy improvement can be achieved.

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The self-healing powers of our body

Hippocrates once said: “The most effective medicine is this natural healing powerthat lies inside each and every one of us. ”Our immune system is designed to fight viruses, bacteria and external influences on a daily basis. The body regenerated constantly. With the help of enzymes, defective genetic material is repaired, bones are healed and wounds are closed. Even with advanced diseases, even cancer, the body is by no means powerless, but fights it vigorously.

The body's natural healing powers can through Stress and overload are affected. A short load strengthens the body, but constant stress causes too much cortisol in the blood and inhibits it Abwehr. The mental attitude also has a decisive influence on the defenses of the body: Optimistic people who see confidence in themselves and in life should be better protected.

Many people get stressed, especially in winter: Christmas business marks everyday life. Deadlines on the job, as well as preparations for the party, are a burden for working people as well as parents and their families. Especially in the cold season they dry Mucous membranes out and become susceptible to viruses. Coupled with stress, it stands to reason that we often get sick during the Christmas season. It is not uncommon for the disease to break out only when we go to rest and have time for our body.

Preventing a cold with Infludoron

A healthy immune system usually arm them too Mucous membranes in the nose, throat and throat, so that Cold viruses usually get no entry. Some measures go a long way towards maintaining a healthy immune system. In addition to the tips listed here, Infludoron * preventive be taken. The herbal basis and good tolerance make it possible to take Infludoron longer and Infludoron experiences ** to collect.

  • Eating a healthy diet: The German Nutrition Society recommends a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit, vegetables, grain products and legumes. Meat and sausage are only occasionally on the menu. A low-fat whole diet is the ideal prerequisite for a strong immune system.
  • Prevention through hardening: This topic should of course only apply to the period outside of a cold. Pregnant women and those with heart disease should also keep their distance. Sauna visits or steam baths are part of hot-cold stimulation therapy. Dosed sweating followed by a cold shock strengthen the immune system and make us strong for the winter. Hot-cold stimulation therapy should not be confused with normal coldness. It is especially important in winter to wrap up warm.
  • Prevention with sport: Exercise and sport stimulate blood circulation. Blood circulation is particularly important in the mucous membranes in order to survive the winter without a cold. Moderate endurance sports such as cycling, jogging or swimming are particularly suitable for this. One exercise session two to three times a week is enough to arm the immune system for an "emergency". Long walks in the woods and hikes also have a very positive effect on the immune system. Here, too, it should be noted that sport should only be practiced in a healthy state. In addition, exercise should be exercised moderately. Exhaustion and overvoltage can in turn weaken the immune system.
  • Protection through hygiene: Regular hand washing with pH-neutral soap prevents the fastest transmission of germs. Viruses stick to the hands when they shake hands or touch surfaces. These quickly get from the hands into our airways. In public you should avoid touching surfaces or putting your hands near your face if possible. Regular nasal showers are suitable for nasal hygiene. These moisturize and disinfect the mucous membranes.

In addition to the measures mentioned here, Infludo Weleda can be taken as a preventive measure. The immune system is thereby strengthened to be able to fight in the winter time.

The Infludoron Ingredients

Monkshood soothes fever and cold-related pain. Iron phosphate has a regulating effect on inflammatory reactions in the airways. Bryan and Water dost structure the Metabolism and regulate increased mucus formation.

The Infludoron Effect

The Infludoron Weleda globules improve the symptoms of a cold. With the six different active ingredients Aconitum napellus, Bryonia and Eucalyptus globulus, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Ferrum phosphoricum and Sabadilla, the homeopathic medicine has one very good tolerance and therefore a positive reputation with naturopaths.

The homeopathic similarity rule “like should be cured with like” also applies to the Infludoron effect: a substance that causes certain symptoms in a healthy person can cure the same symptoms in a sick person. This triggers a stimulus in the body that causes the Self-healing powers activated and thereby helps the body itself to heal yourself.

Allium Cepa effectively helps with sudden and violent fever, headache and earache, as well as dry cough and hoarseness. The active ingredient is also said to relieve tension, anxiety and palpitations.

bryonia is used for feverish dreams, dryness of the mucous membranes, stiffness of joints and pain in the limbs.

Eucalyptus scores with its antiseptic properties and specifically combats symptoms such as runny nose. Burning headache or sore throat, irritable cough and a feeling of pressure between the eyes are also alleviated. Eucalyptus is said to continue to have positive effects on depression, exhaustion, apathy and fatigue.

The active ingredient in Infludoron eupatorium perfoliatum relieves body aches and flushes, chills and severe headaches. Eupatorium also improves feelings such as weakness, exhaustion, and heaviness in the head.

Phosphoric acid is used in the early stages of inflammatory diseases such as febrile infections, dry coughs or earaches. Accompanying noise sensitivities or any hearing loss that occurs can also be treated with Ferrum phosphoricum.

The active ingredient in Infludoron Sabadilla relieves headaches, especially in the forehead area. Also flowing colds and the regeneration of the mucous membranes is an Infludoron effect, which is brought about by Sabadilla.

Infludoron package insert dosage

Adolescents aged 12 and over and adults are allowed to take 1 pellets every 2-15 hours.
Children aged 6-11 take 1-2 Weleda beads every 8-10 hours.
Children aged 1-5 years can take 3-4 Weleda pellets 5-10 times a day.
Infants in the first year of life receive 3-4 Weleda Infludoron pellets 3-5 times a day.

The Infludoron application: Simply let Infludo Weleda melt in your mouth. For the use of Infludoron in children, Infludoron globules can be dissolved in a little water.

Infludoron experiences

Infludoron experiences ** provide information about the Infludoron effect and deliver the results of the Infludoron test.

“These globules are our very first choice at the first sign of a developing cold. If we took them at regular intervals, we were able to alleviate many complaints, so that the common cold did not even break out. ”(Infludoron testimonials on www.medpex.de)

“My midwife recommended these Weleda globules to me, and I have had Weleda INFLUDORON pellets in my house ever since. When a cold is on the horizon, the globulis are used. Colds are milder and fade away faster, they are often averted. ”(Infludoron testimonials on www.medpex.de)

Infludoron side effect

It is possible that hypersensitivity reactions may occur while taking Infludoron. Possible Infludoron side effects may include itching, rash, or hives. Information on the frequency of occurrence of Infludoron side effects is not known.

How long should you take Infludoron?

Since the drug is not dependent and is well tolerated, this can be done via a longer period be taken.

Acute treatments should be completed after two weeks at the latest. If no improvement is visible or new symptoms appear two days after starting therapy, a doctor should be consulted.

If the fever persists for more than three days or if the temperature rises above 39 ° C, a doctor should be consulted, as it can be a disease that requires a medical examination.

Infludoron price

Weleda Infludoron stray pellets do not require a prescription and are therefore freely available. You can buy Infludoron at the local pharmacy or online. The Infludoron price * for 50 g is around 20 euros.

Many health insurances cover 100 to 150 euros per calendar year for over-the-counter, pharmacy-only medication. You have to inquire individually whether your health insurance company takes on a voluntary rate benefit.

The benefits of Infludoron

  • Patients who have to take several medications at the same time can safely take Infludoron. interactions with other drugs are not known.
  • Infludoron points no dependencies or habituation effects.
  • Because Infludoron a purely herbal medicine is, this does not require a prescription. Therefore, you can buy Infludoron for free at the pharmacy or online.
  • The Infludoron ingredients are too 100% of course and from biodynamic cultivation. In addition, Infludoron is produced according to anthroposophical regulations.
  • Infludoron is suitable as a drug to prevent a flu-like infection. the good compatibility and the avoidance of side effects makes it possible to plan taking Infludoron for a longer period of time.
  • Taking Infludoron is very sustainable because, as with all other anthroposophic preparations, the body's own self-healing powers are gently activated.
  • Side effects such as tiredness, a decrease in concentration and performance can be ruled out. The ability to drive is retained. Diarrhea and abdominal pain, which can occur during therapy with antibiotics, are also eliminated when taking Infludoron.

Infludoron test

The Infludoron test, which each user takes for himself, provides different results. Overall, most users are satisfied with their personal Infludoron test and report good Infludoron experiences **.

If you have already had experience with Infludoron **, we look forward to your comment.

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1 INFLUDORON pellets 50 g INFLUDORON pellets 50 g *
  • PZN-09647430
  • 50 g globules
  • in pharmacies
2 INFLUDORON pellets 10 g INFLUDORON pellets 10 g *
  • Scatter globules
  • 80/45
3 Weleda Infludoron stray pellets Weleda Infludoron globules*