"A massage is not just a massage" is a popular saying that is worth taking a closer look at. There is very many different massage offers such as the classic massage, the Shiatsu massage, the singing bowl massage, to name just a few. All massages offer the obtaining relaxation and definitely also from medical help for problematic tension or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Often there will be one Thai Massage moved into closer focus, but it offers one holistic view of the human being.

What is a Thai massage?

The Thai massage has its origins in Thailand, as the name suggests, and combines a wide variety of massage techniques. the Massage duration is very long, mostly more than 90 minutes up to 3 hours, because the individual steps of the treatment are well over 70 and are also used.

During the Thai massage the body is treated selectively using acupressure and through passive yoga stretching and stretching movements added. In this combination, this massage often comes as a surprise to outsiders and seems a bit rough, because the treatment is carried out with knees, feet, thumbs, elbows and palms. However, people who are physically fit and have no illnesses or uncured injuries will greatly enjoy this massage and will want to revisit it.

Thai foot massage

When it comes to a foot massage, everyone immediately thinks of foot reflexology. It can be understood as part of this type of massage, but is supplemented by other massage utensils. the hands and massage sticks are used here. The latter can be used to increase the pressure on certain points on the foot and these Intensity helps in turn to penetrate deeper to the problems.

This type of massage can be particularly helpful for migraines and asthma. In addition, the effect in humans can be increased through the foot massage Prevention of various diseases be used.

Hot Stone Massage

Stones are used here whose surface is smooth and heated by water. These stones are placed so that they Address points that have key effects in the body and can have a positive impact.

The Heat helps the body to relax and the desired effect of Depth effect won't be long in coming. This enables a massage into deeper muscle regions. Also the Blood vessels if they are addressed, they are expanded by the warmth and bring the blood circulation throughout the body in swing.

Aside from the calming effect, the hot stones can also positively influence chronic complaints. They also help to counteract stress and induce deeper relaxation. Symptoms such as poor joint mobility, arthritis, pain, muscle cramps, stress and tension and much more can be countered in this way.

Thai oil massage

This form of massage is the actual Thai massage supplemented by the oil component. There are essential substances in the oil, which differ depending on the oil variant. It is massaged with hands and fingers that exert pressure so that the Oil deep into the skin and in time his relaxing effect can unfold.

In addition to the effect of the oil on the skin, the oil makes the skin supple and stimulates blood circulation, too the cycle stimulated and I baked the nervous system calmed down.

Tok Sen massage

In the northern regions of Thailand, especially in the mountains, there is the 3000 year old Tok-Sen massage. The word tok is translated as knocking. Sen, on the other hand, explains the flow of energy. Using a utensil, a hammer with a wooden stick, the Energy channels tapped rhythmically.

This tapping, which does not cause any pain, influences the body of the person being massaged in such a way that it experiences vibrations and resonances. That leads to the Energy addressed to the deepest points becomes. Existing Tensions and deep-seated blockages, whether physical or mental, can do so quite solved .

Thai Massage

Massage candles as part of the massage

It has already been mentioned that oil is an important part of Thai massage. It is very similar with massage candles. They are heated between 50 and 70 degrees, also contain essential fragrances and act like massage oil. They are free of preservatives and dyes and are dermatologically tested.

The heated massage candle is applied to the skin in liquefied form and gently massaged in. The resulting body feeling quickly conveys a pleasant feeling on the skin and a comfortable feeling of well-being. Next to one relaxation of the muscles will also be one deep relaxation reached.

Massage with a herbal stamp

Also with this type of massage Olive oil heated between 65 and 80 degrees so that it is applied to the body and worked into the skin using a stamp bag. In this stamp bag, a wide variety of herbs and spices as well as care ingredients are individually tailored to the person to be massaged.

In a first step, the body is tapped with two herbal stamps. become like this Thermal stimuli set short and around Stroke movements of a quick and short nature added. The result will be a harmony in the body that can be achieved internally and externally.

The warm herbal stamp radiates a warm and skin-friendly temperature. It is massaged all over the body in circular motions using the energy channels .

Sports massage as part of Thai massage

The Thai massage is in this form of massage to the Acupressure and a special oil from Thailand added. Acupressure, which can free areas of the body from tension, comes to the fore by higher and longer pressure is achieved. In this area is also the Phatchari Thai Massage to mention.

It is particularly noteworthy that muscle areas, for example in front of the Sports This can be relaxed and after sports prevents muscle soreness can be.

This form of massage is ideal for supporting optimal recovery after a competition or a strenuous training session. Cramps, hyperacidity and hardening can thus be treated in a targeted manner.

Massage a la Thaiurveda

Ayurveda and massage are not mutually exclusive, quite the opposite. The approaches of Ayurveda meet the Thai massage. Using warm oil that caresses the body and by stretching and deleting worked into the skin, the muscles are relaxed.

Two very different approaches meet here, which are combined and promise a unique experience.

The Thai massage offers a variety of opportunities

With a Thai massage there is the possibility of different To positively influence symptoms such as sleep disorders, dizziness, back and knee pain, nausea, headaches and much more. By the way, tension is relieved by the stretching. The somewhat harder type of massage can be found in the south of Thailand, and the gentler type in the north.