Summer is just around the corner and one or the other is not only thinking of bright sunshine, visits to the outdoor pool or the ice cream parlor, or of the upcoming summer vacation and hopes to be in top bikini form again in good time. But we quickly forget that this can also include pure, beautiful skin on the (soon) tanned body.

Clean skin - not just on the face

Pure and well-groomed, beautiful skin is characterized by small, clean pores and an evenly tinted and slightly shimmering, but not oily main appearance. Some people think about their baby-tender facial skin before their teenage years, and even if we can hardly make it back to that point, we have some tips on the categories "pure skin get puberty", "pure skin get man" and "pure skin" get products ”,“ clean skin get home remedies ”.

1 Better skin and fewer wrinkles Better skin and fewer wrinkles *
  • Meissner, Sven (Author)
2 verdoyer anti-pimple cream with zinc against impure... verdoyer anti-pimple cream with zinc against impure...*
3 Pure Skin, 1200 mg, extra high dose, 120 ... Pure Skin, 1200 mg, extra high dose, 120 ... *
  • 1 tablet = 1200 mg, high dose
  • For a beautiful complexion [Vit B2, biotin]
  • Without magnesium stearate

By the way, we don't just want to get clean skin on our face - especially in the warm season, every skin type is happy about a clear complexion that looks particularly beautiful with short skirts or shorts.

Pure, beautiful skin - possible for every skin type

First of all, we would like to give you a few tips that will guarantee you beautiful skin - for every skin type and without burdening your wallet with expensive creams or lengthy treatments.

1. Pillowcase

We can get clean skin overnight simply by washing the pillowcase at least once a week - because this way we avoid bacteria from forming on our pillows through sebum, dust and night cream, which could trigger pimples and make you clean quickly Get skin.

2 Smartphone

Wipe the smartphone clean once a day - because yes, studies have now shown that the touchscreen of our smartphones contains around 10 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. We also like to hold our cell phone directly in our face, which is why this tip is an absolute must for clean skin.

3. Creams

Before we start talking about the RIGHT creams, discard those that have expired. Our cosmetic products also have a limited shelf life and, in the worst case, can lead to blackheads and acne afterwards. For example, lipsticks last between 12 and 36 months, conventional mascara only six months. Your face cream can be used for up to 12 months, but should be replaced with a new one after that.

4. Hair styling

If you tend to have pimples at the base of your forehead, it may not have anything to do with your skin type, your diet or a dirty smartphone - because it could simply be due to your hair products. Like your hairdresser, cover your forehead forehead with a paper towel, this will prevent pores from clogging up with hair and styling spray. A special tip in the "Clean skin get a face" category.

5. Wash your hands

Do not touch your face - especially when we are out and about a lot in summer - bicycle handlebars, doorbells or banisters. Washing hands is guaranteed to have clean skin, because unfortunately they are real germ carriers and can certainly contribute to the development of pimples and acne.

Many of these simple tips for beautiful skin can also be applied very easily to the entire body area. Because sunscreen or perfume mix with sweat and sebum and can lead to rashes and pimples if bedding is washed irregularly. Our top tip for clean skin overnight.

6. Sun

Sun exposure to skin such as the back mainly improves pimples. A few sunbaths will dry out the pimples and make it significantly better.

7. Sea water

In combination with the sun, the sea water is also particularly good. The salt content disinfects the pimples and the skin becomes significantly better after a few days at the sea.

8. Sauna

Cleans the pores.

9. Sport

Sport is very suitable because the pores are cleared so well and the skin is well supplied with blood.

Tricks for pure skin

With many simple tricks for beautiful skin that do not cost you a cent, you can achieve a lot. But we go one step further and cover the right diet for maintaining youthful skin.

Healthy, smooth skin on the face and all over the body is a sign of a healthy organism, as it has now been proven that wrinkles, acne and other common main problems are always a reflection of internal health. If the body lacks important minerals or if inflammatory processes have formed, this quickly becomes apparent in an uneven complexion - which, however, can also be compensated for by the right sources of nutrition.

Beautiful skin through nutrition

Fresh skin is basically based on a so-called "excess base diet”Which contains a lot of untreated vegetables and fruits. Because only fresh fruit and vegetables provide our bodies with essentials Vitamins, trace elements and Antioxidantsthat can help keep our skin clean.

In addition to said balanced diet needs nice skin (regardless of age and skin type) still water - at least 2 liters per day are recommended by dermatologists and cosmetologists. Because clear Water serves our body as a medium for chemical reactions and important ones Metabolism- Curtains, cleanses the body as a whole and also helps our largest organ - the skin - to excrete harmful substances. This means that we can contribute to the goal of “getting clean skin quickly” all day long.

Pure skin go through puberty

What we call "acne" is, so to speak, one hormone-related diseasewhich is mainly influenced by the male sex hormones (testosterone). It is therefore easy to explain that acne (including all over the body) is a typical one Accompanying phenomenon our puberty, the female cycle and even pregnancy. This is because it is precisely then that our sebum glands produce increased skin fat that builds up when the glands are narrowed. On the subject of “getting a clean skin man” can also be reduced Alcohol consumption or less stress.

If you're under this type of Acne or if you suffer from pimples / blackheads, you will most likely fall into one of the two categories of skin types:

1. Getting clean skin means for owners of the so-called Combination skin combat the greasy areas between the chin, nose and forehead. That is why care specially tailored to combination skin is very important so that sebum production is properly regulated and the skin is supplied with moisture at the same time.
2. Oily skin unfortunately sometimes even struggles with pimples and blackheads on the face and all over the body. However, if these are treated with an overly aggressive cleaning product - for example with a high proportion of alcohol - the complexion will be “worsened” in case of doubt. However, special products for cleaning oily skin manage to regulate sebum production more gently and mattify the entire complexion.

Products get clean skin

Generally it is gentle cleansing milk Recommended for all types of blemished skin - creams based on fruit acid also visibly clear up the complexion. Special care products, such as salicylic acid, loosen encrusted skin Dander and allow the sebum to flow off faster - afterwards you are here PH-neutral and antibacterial creams a good solution and often ensures clear skin in 2 days.

Top Tip: Get Clean Skin Face

The most important rule, however, is based on one that was addressed earlier in our quick tips: Stay away from the pimples. Blemished skin can recover overnight - but not if you squeeze blackheads yourself with your fingers and spread the germs all over your body. And in the worst case, it also leads to long-term scarring. It is therefore advisable to start with the simplest tip in the “Get clean skin home remedies” category.

1 Better skin and fewer wrinkles Better skin and fewer wrinkles *
  • Meissner, Sven (Author)
2 verdoyer anti-pimple cream with zinc against impure... verdoyer anti-pimple cream with zinc against impure...*
3 Pure Skin, 1200 mg, extra high dose, 120 ... Pure Skin, 1200 mg, extra high dose, 120 ... *
  • 1 tablet = 1200 mg, high dose
  • For a beautiful complexion [Vit B2, biotin]
  • Without magnesium stearate