CBD can enter the body in a number of ways. There are all possible dosage forms conceivable. From smoked to swallowed to inhaled, anything is possible. We present the common forms of taking CBD and recommendations here.

CBD oil as the most common variant

CBD oil is one of those most popular forms of application at all. The dosage can be easily and quickly adjusted with this form of administration. Plus, you can easily use it on the go. Worth mentioning here is the sublingual application.

In this application a few drops of CBD oil applied under the tongue. Thus, CBD is quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa and transported into the bloodstream. You should preferably always take the CBD oil at the same time.

How quickly the CBD oil takes effect also depends on the percentage of CBD oil. Typical versions include CBD oil 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, and 30%. For beginners are more likely to offer low dose CBD oils with 5 or 10%

With a percentage of 30 or 40 High dose CBD oil, These high-dose CBD oils are more like for experienced users relevant. Newcomers, on the other hand, should first feel their way around and find the right dose for their own body.

The desired effect already occurs when taken sublingually through the oral mucosa after about 15 minutes a. You can expect a duration of action of approximately 8 hours if you take the drops.

CBD capsules for oral consumption

CBD capsules or tablets are also very popular, although this form of administration is not the most effective. The ingredient can be taken orally not fully develop the desired effect.

This is because the active ingredient is partially broken down by the liver, so that it is no longer available to the body in its entirety. However, if you don't like the taste of CBD oils, the capsule variant is a way of feeling a certain effect.

Ultimately, however, it depends on the carrier material how good the effect is. If high-purity CBD isolate is used with the intestinal bacterium Lactobacillus Acidophilus and hemp proteins as a carrier material, the Absorption of CBD significantly more effective .

For example, if you don't like the taste of CBD oil, you might have found a good alternative with this variant. Also for athletes it is a good option as well free from THC is. This variant is more suitable for physical problems.

With this type of intake, however, an effect is not to be expected before 30 minutes. With regard to the duration of the effect, however, you can count on 6 to 8 hours, as with CBD oil. If you want to take CBD because of psychological problems, the oil would make more sense as a form of intake.

Edibles – Consume CBD in edibles

There are now edibles, which turns out to be a new trend. Edibles are about Foods containing cannabidiol. Among other things, there are biscuits as edibles. But CBD can also be present in chocolate or in drinks.

However, there is in Europe so far only isolated products of this kind. Manufacturers are struggling with the complicated legal situation, which is why the range on offer is still fairly manageable.

Athletes should preferably not use such foods. After all, a fairly expensive purification process is necessary to process high-purity cannabidiol, which is THC-free, into edibles.

Creams for external use

But CBD products are also relevant for external use. CBD creams and ointments are being developed more and more often. Among other things, the creams and ointments are relevant when there are external injuries. Creams of this type can also be helpful for skin problems.

About the skin is that However, intake of CBD is severely limited. If you apply the ointment, you cannot expect the active ingredient to penetrate deeper into the body. This would require special carrier materials.

But also for the cosmetic area are CBD Face creams with hyaluronic acid Interesting. Such creams are special for dry and mature skin been developed. Vitamin E combined with hemp components are among the popular beauty products.

For athletes, however, it is still advisable to look out for THC-free products and isolates. This way you are on the safe side and will not experience any nasty surprises with the cream. The selection of appropriate Ointments for athletes but is quite limited.

Suppositories as a practical form of intake

It is also possible, CBD in suppository form to be taken vaginally or rectally. However, this form of administration is very rare. The advantage, however, is that the loss of active ingredient is significantly reduced. After all, no metabolism takes place in the stomach and liver.

The advantage here is that the Take effect much faster can. In some cases, the positive effect can already be expected after 10 minutes. However, it is quite inconvenient to use, which is why this dosage form is quite unpopular.

Liquids (smoke) as another method

The effect that over that Smoking cannabinoids achieved is not so easy to estimate. Ultimately, it is the case that some of the active ingredient is lost when it is burned. In addition, tobacco is often added.

While smoking is particularly easy, there are a few things to keep in mind. through the Admixture of tobacco can result in carcinogenic products. In addition, the risk of various occlusive diseases and cardiovascular problems is increased.

Some people who are among the pain sufferers smoke extra CBD flowers. In this case, there is a high concentration of cannabinoids. But THC is also included. Athletes should avoid it, otherwise positive drug tests are possible.

Cannabis for smoking should be able to be officially sold in licensed shops for private use. But for athletes it is still considered a doping substanceso it's in the field still forbidden is. Therefore, only THC-free products are shortlisted for athletes. n. However, for athletes it is still valid as ler should definitely be shown before opting for this type of intake

Vaping cannabinoids

Cannabinoids can too be vaporized by steam. This is a form of inhalation done through a vaporizer. The part is similar in structure to an e-cigarette. Rapid absorption of the active ingredient is possible through inhalation of the water vapour.

However, with a shorter duration of action of around 4 hours to be expected when vaping. If athletes want to vaporize CBD, they should be convinced and certified in advance that the liquids are free of THC.

They are free of THC if they were created on the basis of isolate. Manufacturers of such THC-free liquids have the appropriate certificates, which athletes should definitely have shown before they decide on this type of supply.