You can no longer avoid the word detox when dealing with a healthy Way of life and wants to deal with nutrition. Numerous products in the form of juices, oils and other preparations are represented on the market.

The promises of the manufacturers are entwined with statements about the detoxification of your own body. The organism simply with a detox juice cleanse or corresponding pills to remove harmful substances.

Is a detox really as simple and promising as the manufacturers want us to believe? Is there maybe one inexpensive Alternatives? Because the products related to detox are not very cheap and can hurt your wallet.

What is a detox cure?

The type of application in such a cure comes from the Naturopathy. Detox literally means to withdraw. Basically, the body should be freed from toxins during treatment.

It is a special diet that Acid-base balance to bring it back into natural balance. Here the calorie intake radically minimized and special foods completely omitted.

A detox can be done in different ways. However, the goal is for all applications, products and Treatments the same thing. The pollutants should disappear from the body.

Basically, 4 key points are taken into account in a detox cure. These then form the interaction detoxification. A healthy diet is one of the points. This means that during the diet you should take a closer look at the food.

Alcohol, sugar and also wheat flour or animal fats should be banned from the menu during the cure. Lots of drinking and healthy alternatives are the order of the day here.

The second and third corner points are aimed at movement and body care. walks in the fresh air, Yoga or Pilates are perfect here. The type of movement must fit into the overall detox concept.

It's not about building muscles in the shortest possible time or doing endurance sports. the Exercise stimulates the metabolism and fresh air is good for the organism.

Personal hygiene is not about everyday things Hygiene, but much more about the conscious handling of the body. Full baths, massages and everything related to Relaxation and relaxation should be included in the cure.

The everyday stress or unpleasant situations at work are also not part of the concept. It is best if you completely banish all stressful situations that arise in everyday life.

Only if you actually take all 4 pillars of the detox cure into account will the project lead to success. The body must return to a certain Balance come and that only works if the cure requires a certain balance.

Detox the body - is a detox necessary?

Basically, the body is naturally able to detoxify itself. Pollutants are over that Digestive system eliminated. However, the detox variant is based on the assumption that we now eat too many bad foods.

The entire detox industry is based on this thesis. Many of the preparations are not absolutely necessary for a detox cure. You can also detoxify yourself and your body in other ways.

The liver, the intestines and the skin are among the organs that are an important focus of the detox. The body uses these to transport and filter any pollutants out of the body organism.

The liver plays the most important role in this. Too much of Alcohol, an unbalanced diet and too little exercise damage it. Not just a one-off cure is helpful here, but a general change in diet and everyday life.

It's not about never drinking wine or beer again or even having to do endurance sports. It depends on the right one Balance at. The dose makes the poison.

If you keep your liver healthy and therefore fit, the body can pollutants exit alone and independently. A detox cure can be promising at the beginning, but should not be used too often.

The intestine also plays a central and therefore very important role in detoxification. Lots Diseases and limitations originate here. The immune system and the organism benefit from a healthy intestine.

Pollutants such as lead, mercury or cadmium can be ingested through different foods. These harm the body. With a conscious and healthy diet you bring a certain amount here too Balance purely.

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Are there better methods than the detox cure?

A cure is always a short and foreseeable one Period. This means that you only pay attention to the core problem for two or three weeks. Before you know it, you're back to your old routine.

Basically, a detox cure is good for the body and the brain when used correctly organism. However, it is of little use if you then find yourself with too little exercise and an unhealthy diet.

Basically, you should adapt your entire life to a healthy lifestyle. Permanently healthy Nutrition and exercise are much better for the body than a cure.

However, many people have concerns and are afraid of a radical one change back. There are only a few small points that need to be internalized. After just a few weeks, the body has learned to detoxify itself again.

The first step should be to nicotine and abstain from alcohol. Of course you can enjoy a glass of wine or a nice beer every now and then. It's more about quantity and frequency.

Sugar is also a product that harms our body in many ways. It is better to consciously avoid it here. However, if you want to eat something sweet from time to time, you can naturally sugar substitutes fall back on.

Drinking is important. Approx. 2,5 liters are recommended. Juices and lemonade are not particularly healthy and will burden the organism more than it will help. Tea, water or even a coffee are the better options.

Daily meals should be freshly cooked. Simply use regional products and avoid fast food or Ready made Food. With these small changes you are on the best way to a healthy body.